Estate processing

Account switching assistance in the event of inheritance: more efficiency, better customer experience

In our blog today, we provide an insight into an article from Bankeninformation, a renowned trade magazine of the Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken. Written by Aleksandar Jeremic, CEO of fino digital and Moritz Hagelstein, Head of Business Organisation at Volksbank Südheide-Isenhagener Land-Altmark (SILA), the article highlights a pioneering approach to increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience in estate processing.

By integrating estate processing into the Volksbank SILA process, an approach is taken that saves time and increases the quality of customer advice – by a total of 150 hours! A new option is now available to create and process debt collection cases directly in the tool. This integration ensures compliance with all aspects of the Payment Accounts Act and keeps an eye on deadlines in order to offer banks a comprehensive service.

Estate processing: automation for seamless integration

In the past, processing probate cases was often a lengthy and complex process for banks. But thanks to this innovative solution, Volksbank SILA can now automate manual tasks and focus more on providing personalised advice to its customers. This not only leads to a significant increase in efficiency, but also to an overall improved customer experience.

Improving the customer experience

The implementation of the estate account switch significantly improves the customer experience. Customers benefit from a faster and smoother process when processing estate cases and at the same time receive comprehensive advice and support from Volksbank SILA employees.

This sophisticated integration of estate processing and account switching shows how banks can use innovative technologies to optimise their processes and offer their customers added value.

If your bank is also interested in optimising estate processing and improving the customer experience, we are here to help. Contact us to find out more about our pioneering approach and how your bank can benefit from this solution.


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Björn Espe
Sales Director
Banking DACH