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fino.account switching is a pioneer in the financial sector and offers groundbreaking B2B/B2B2C solutions for account switching and securities account migration. Our innovations, such as the first digital account switching service on the market, account switching assistance, deposit change services and estate account switch, are revolutionising the switching process in the banking universe.

Our solutions are not only characterised by speed and seamless whitelabel-ready integration, but also impress both private and business customers with their clear and intuitive user guidance – for maximum customer friendliness and conversion. We understand that security is a top priority in the world of finance. That’s why our technologies are licensed by Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, made & hosted in Germany and fully compliant with the European Payment Services Directive (PSD2). We strictly adhere to all European data protection guidelines to ensure the integrity of your customer data throughout the entire universe of financial transactions.

Account switching service

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fino.account switching is your space navigator for the account switching service and leads the way with pioneering solutions and products. Whether private or business customers – make it easier for new customers to switch to your financial institution. With our intuitive & time-saving account switching service based on AI data analysis, you can impress your customers with performance from the very first moment and create guaranteed added value.

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account switching assistance

Account switching assistance

Never miss Deadlines Again!

fino.account switching supports you and your financial institution with a Payment Accounts Act-compliant account switching assistance – based on innovative AI technology. From the automated creation of the authorisation to informing the payment partners. We support you throughout the entire process, take care of all data transmission and prepare everything digitally, clearly and comprehensibly. Our aim is to ensure that your bank advisor is automatically informed of every change in the process so that the legal deadlines are always met. 

Deposit change service


Our innovative, AI-based technology makes the securities account transfer as easy as possible for you and your customers. The fino deposit change service takes all tax law scenarios into account and is available to you as a flexibly connectable stand-alone solution. And the best thing for your customers? Thanks to the innovative solution, your customer needs less than 5 minutes to completely move their securities account in just three steps.

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Estate account switch

Simple when things get tough

fino.account switching also supports you and your bank in the processing of inheritance cases. Like the account switch, these are bound by the statutory deadlines of the Payment Accounts Act. We offer you the option of creating and processing estate cases directly in the tool via a new option. Of course, we observe every aspect of the Payment Accounts Act and keep the deadlines on the radar for you.

Our switching solutions

Safe. Compliant. Intuitive.


fino guarantees first-class data security through Federal Financial Supervisory Authority licensing and strict compliance with PSD2 guidelines and all European data protection directives. Every step in the switching process is designed to preserve the integrity of sensitive customer data.


We are your reliable partner for compliance with regulatory requirements and deadlines in accordance with Federal Financial Supervisory Authority specifications. Our solutions ensure that your financial institution fulfils legal requirements in the switching process without compromising on efficiency and customer experience.

Intuitive UX

Our account switching products impress your customers from the very first moment with intuitive and customer-friendly user guidance in a modern, whitelabel-ready design. This way, we not only maximise satisfaction but also the conversion rate!

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