Data driven Solutions.
Exploring new Business Worlds.

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Benefit from the world of data!

As a pioneer and market-leading innovation driver in the field of account & data analytics, we believe that data-based business models are the future!

Our mission

With innovative data analytics solutions, we create real added value from data to help you open up new business worlds. Sounds like rocket science? Don’t worry! All solutions integrate easily into your systems – so you have more time for the essentials: Your customers!

Our origins

In 2015, revolutionised the financial sector with the first digital account switching service. Since then, we have continuously developed our extensive portfolio and have grown into a “FinTechverse” of intelligent services and products for many business cases and sectors.

Our solutions

As experts in account data, we know that most of everyone’s life is reflected in their account – both private customers and companies. Today, we use this expertise for our pioneering, AI-based account analyses and develop customised data-driven solutions for various use cases!

account switching service

The No. 1 in account switching!

Whether account switching service, account switching assistance, deposit change service or estate account switch – with our digital solutions you will inspire your customers right from the start!

We add value to data!

Whether sales impulses in real time, credit checks, risk analysis, transaction matching and much more – our analytics solutions Open Banking Modules and fino-Cockpit transform data with AI-based account analysis into valuable knowledge for every use case!

fino cockpit

Easy identification. Maximum security.

With our smart fino.ident solution, your customers can identify themselves within seconds via their online banking – easy, without waiting times, 24/7!
fino.ident will be launched in 2024 – stay tuned!