Finanzwelt neu denken

Zusammen mit unseren Partnern schaffen wir innovative Produkte, nutzerorientiert und so wie sie Menschen in einer digitalen Zeit erwarten.

Our values



We don’t develop products for partners, but rather with them.



It is very important to us, that your customers and their data stay with you.



We are paid, only when you are successful.

Our core

At the heart of what we do is the account analysis feature, from which we develop exciting products and services.

Unstructured Account Data

Unstructured Account Data
With the help of Online-Banking Logins we can detect all important transaction data of one, or multiple accounts.

Structuring and categorizing data

We aggregate transactions, allowing us to categorize them afterwards.

Creating new products and features

Structured and categorized data forms the base of our products and services.

Our products

At fino, we build products that people today expect. Our primary values are fast release times, custom adaptations as well as continuous development of our core product.

Open a new account digitally in less than 6 minutes.

All of your finances in just one App. These touchpoints strengthen customer engagement and retention.

Use accounts as the basis for detailed product reviews.

Current News

Our news section contains exciting new content related to fino and our products and services.

Any questions?

Have we piqued your curiosity? We are more than happy to answer your questions and provide advice on using and implementing our innovative features for your business.