Pioneers in the FinTechverse

We understand data

The origins of lie in the first digital and fully automated account switching in the FinTech sector. Since our foundation in 2015, we have grown steadily and have continuously developed our extensive portfolio of innovative products and services for the digitalisation of the financial world.

Today, we combine our many years of expertise in account transaction data with groundbreaking data analysis tools that create new perspectives for business models in the B2B and B2B2C sectors.

We are deeply convinced that data-driven business models are the future. As experts in the field of account and data analysis, it is therefore our declared mission to give data value and turn it into useful insights through intelligent and forward-looking data analytics solutions.
Account transaction data reflects the entire life of your customers – we support you in quickly and easily understanding and benefiting from this data for your business model and thus opening up completely new horizons!

+5m end customers

already use the innovative products and services in the fino-verse and are convinced of the personal added value of the solutions.

+1.000 banks

are now integrating technologies into their product portfolios, thereby enhancing their customers’ service experience on a daily basis.

+150 crew members

work in our passionate team – they prioritise fast release times and the further development of our products.


Aleksandar Jeremic