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Anyone can have their account blocked – a second account saves a lot of hassle

Using the digital account switch to get a second account

A Handelsblatt report has revealed that an increasing number of bank customers are being unexpectedly confronted with the blocking of their accounts. This is often done on the basis of suspicions in connection with money laundering, although these are often not confirmed later. In 2022 alone, the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Cologne received almost 340,000 reports of suspected money laundering. Most of them came from banks, which are required to completely block the customer account in question for transactions in such cases. Although the initial suspicion is not substantiated for the majority of these reports, it may still take a long time for the block to be lifted, which means that the account holder may not be able to pay credit or rental payments, direct debits and transfers, for example.

Second account secures liquidity - with account switching service in just a few minutes

To prevent such inconveniences, experts recommend opening a second account with another bank. To ensure that opening an additional account at a second financial institution is perceived by bank customers as convenient and time-saving as possible, the use of a digital account switching service is recommended as a service offering in the account opening process.

Using the service is very simple: customers use their usual access data for online banking and allow fino digital‘s automatic account switching to record the previous payment partners. These are then summarised in a clear list from which customers can choose which partners should be automatically informed about the new bank details. The account switching service even takes care of creating and sending the relevant notifications to payment partners to make the transition as smooth as possible for customers.

In addition, fino digital offers a fully automated securities account switch that enables customers to transfer parts of their securities account to the second bank account. This makes the switch even more attractive and further increases financial flexibility.

Overall, fino digital‘s account switching service offers financial institutions an effective and fast solution to provide new customers with a smooth banking experience by opening a second account and saving them financial inconvenience.

Björn Espe
Sales Director
Banking DACH