Daten im Finanz- und Versicherungswesen

Data is the new gold in finance and insurance

The importance of data in modern finance

In an era where data has become the new gold, the digital revolution has triggered profound changes in the finance and insurance sector. Companies are faced with the challenge of adapting to the constantly changing requirements and at the same time finding innovative solutions in order to remain competitive.

AI-supported data analysis and personalised offers

In our latest article on Versicherungsbote, we analyse how exactly these changes are affecting the finance and insurance sector.

Find out how companies are using AI-supported data analysis to develop personalised offers and optimise advice in the insurance business. Aleksandar Jeremic, CEO of, together with Alexander Sieverts, CEO of itsmydata, also look at the importance of data sovereignty and how it is redefining the relationship between companies and customers. 

Opportunities for companies of all sizes

These topics are not only relevant for large companies, but also offer opportunities for smaller brokers and insurance companies to expand their services and increase their efficiency. From utilising AI-based algorithms to implementing the PSD2 interface, we explore the different ways in which companies can benefit from digital transformation.

Diving deeper into the world of data

Want to delve deeper into the world of data in finance and insurance? Read the full article on Versicherungsbote and discover how the digital revolution is driving innovation and redefining the industry.


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