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Checking tenant creditworthiness with the help of AI

Bank account as a mirror of life

In highly competitive housing markets with countless prospective tenants, individual credit checks require a great deal of work. AI can significantly reduce this workload. In a guest article in the trade magazine “IVV – Immobilien vermieten & verwalten”, our partner Alexander Sieverts from itsmydata and Aleksandar Jeremic, CEO of, describe how digital solutions can speed up the process of checking the solvency and creditworthiness of prospective tenants for landlords.

AI-based account analysis helps tenants and landlords with credit checks

This is based on the user’s account transactions, which reflect almost their entire life. They are analysed with the consent of the prospective tenant, while maintaining data sovereignty, and with the help of algorithms based on artificial intelligence (AI). The following applies: “As much as necessary, but as little as possible” – so only the data that was previously authorised is analysed. Incoming salaries and rent payments are then summarised. This means that landlords no longer have to spend time analysing employment contracts, payslips and tenant information, which saves a lot of time. In addition, the landlord can establish a relationship between income and rent and thus better assess the solvency of the prospective tenant.

But prospective tenants also benefit from such a digital process. They do not have to laboriously collect and copy documents that prove their solvency. Instead, they can prove their financial stability and reliability quickly and easily, giving them an advantage over other apartment seekers.

AI supports PropTech in the real estate industry

The digital solutions from itsmydata and fino digital therefore turn data into real added value for tenants and landlords and are a good example of how the real estate and housing industry can also benefit from innovative technologies.

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